Saturday, September 19, 2009

DDR News

DDR Pack Songlist:


DK Summit,1/4/6/9:180
Moonview Highway,1/3/4/12:54-216
Pluto Forever,3/6/10/15:???
Rainbow Road,1/4/7/10:162-300
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Coconut Mall,1/4/7/9:132
Drop The Dodongo,1/4/6/9:235
KAN KAN!,2/5/9/11,75-340
Super Mario Hyadain,3/7/10/15:280
Bowser's Castle 3,1/5/8/11:158-315
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Dr. Mario Mix,1/3/5/8:148
Healing Vision ~Dead Yoshi~,2/4/7/12:49-196
PARANiOA 360,2/5/9/13:360
Pluto Sunset,2/5/8/14:???
SMWC MAX,3/5/9/15:300
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Block Plaza,2/3/5/8:200
Gusty Gardens,1/2/4/7:76
Mushroom Gorge,1/2/5/9:133
Pluto the 86th,36915:???
Topman Boss,1/4/6/10:155-310
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